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Climate of Pakistan

Pakistan lies in the moderate zone. The climate is usually arid, characterized by hallucinating summers and cool or cold chills, and broad variations among-st extremes of temperature at arranged locations. There is little rain. These generality's should not, though, obscure the separate differences offered among particular sites. For exemplar, the coastal area lengthwise the Arabian Inundation is typically warm, while the arctic snow-covered edges of the Karakoram Variety and of other bushels of the far north are so cold date round that they are just accessible by world class climbers for a few weeks in May and June of apiece year.

Pakistan has are four seasons: a cool, dehydrated winter from December from February; a hallucinating, dry coil from Demo through May; the summer raining season, or southwest downpour period, from June from September; and the losing ground monsoon epoch of October and November. The start and length of these periods vary rather according to location.

The climate in the assets city of Islamabad varies from an standard daily low of 2° C in January to an standard daily high of 40° C in June. Semi of the yearly rainfall happens in July and Imposing, averaging about 255 millimeters in apiece of those two months. The balance of the date has notably less rainwater, amounting to about fifty millimeters per month. Hailstorms are ordinary in the spring.

Pakistan's main city, Karachi, which is as well the bucolic's industrial middle, is further humid than Islamabad however gets fewer rain. Just July and Imposing average further than twenty five millimeters of rainwater in the Karachi area; the residual months are fantastically dry. The temperature is as well more identical in Karachi than in Islamabad, ranging from an standard daily low of 13° C during chill evenings to an standard daily high of 34° C on summer days. Though the summer temperatures do not find as high as those in Punjab, the high dampness causes the nation a immense deal of discomfort.

Most areas in Punjab experience quite cool chills, often accompanied by rainwater. Woolen wraps are damaged by women and men for heat because few domiciles are angry. By mid February the temperature starts to rise; springtime weather persists until mid April, when the summer warmth sets in. The start of the southwest downpour is due to attain Punjab by May, however since the ancient 1970's the weather prototype has been uneven. The coil monsoon has also skipped over the area or has caused it to rainwater so hard that avalanches have effected. June and July are unjustly hot. Though official guess rarely arrange the temperature mentioned 46° C, bulletin sources maintain that it attains 51° C and often carry news about people who have yielded to the warmth. Heat records were busted in Multan in June 1993, whenever the mercury was accounted to have risen to 54° C. In Imposing the cruel heat is punctuated by the raining season, referred to as "BARSAAT", which realizes relief in its awaken. The hardest allotment of the summer is afterward over, however cooler weather does not come awaiting late October.

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